Various Projects

Earth House

Earth House 2015

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Owls House

Long Island ,NY 2014

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White Oaks Chapel

White Oaks Chapel New Preston, CT 2014

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Casa Del Sole-Di Mezzanote

Tuscany, Italy Summer 2000 - Commissioned by Sting and Trudy Styler. A copper and found wood sculpture house 45 feet up in a great oak tree on the edge of a private lake

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Dogwood Farm

Connecticut — Summer 2010 - Crew: Ian Weedman, Seanix Materials: 100% salvaged reclaimed lumber from Pioneer Millworks.

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Old N.W.-Road House

Spring, 2012 East Hampton, NY

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El Jardin del Paraiso

East Village, NY Summer 2003 - East Village Willow Nest. A donated sculpture to El Jardin Del Paraiso at East Fourth and East Fifth Street between Avenue C and D New York, New York. The sculpture is an observation deck/school for children so they can have a classroom out in nature in the middle of the East Village.

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Finca Bella Vista

Finca Bella Vista, Costa Rica - Mis Ojos Miran la Catarata Main Crew: Bubba Smith, Daryl McDonald, Ca-Ve PHOTO CREDIT: Crested beauty, S.A.

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Brentwood, LA, CA Fall 2005 - Les Firestein's treehouse

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Green Treehouse

Santa Monica, CA — January 2008 - Hyde Family Green House 100% salvaged/reclaimed redwood Crew: Jeff Casper, Ben Smith and Ian Weedman. Photos: Jeff Casper + M. Hyde

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JEM Treehouse

Long Island, NY — Winter/Spring 2010 - Crew: bubba smith, ian weedman, rafael serna, (sarah—J, netting) Materials: 100% salvaged reclamed lumber from antique vintage woods of america

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Lake Nest Treehouse

Southampton, NY — Summer 2008 - 100% salvaged/reclaimed Doug Fir, pruned branches/vines, and driftwood Crew: Daryl McDonald, Ian Weedman, Rafael Serna & his loyal team

15 Photos

Lake Spectacle

Location: Lake Spectacle, CT Crew: Ian Weedman, Seanix and Chris Haake(aka KA-VE) 100 % salvaged/reclaimed lumber from Antique & Vintage Woods of America and Pioneer Millworks. Salvaged Windows and Doors from Board & Beam Co. Photographs by Bobby Fisher

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Lantern House

Santa Monica Mountains — Feb 2007 - 99% salvaged lumber Crew: Dayle West, Daryl Macdonald, Jeff Casper and Elias the Treeman.

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Mahinui-Na Lani

(House of the beautiful sky) Hawaii, Big Island - Crew: Daryl McDonald, Ian Weedman, Bobby Grimes Photos by Gale

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Maple Nest

Maple Nest Spring 2004 Commissioned by Julianne Moore for her NYC home.

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Miami Pod

Summer 2006

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Mile's TreeHouse

Winter 2003 - Commissioned by Donna Karan. A rustic ship-like treehouse washed ashore up in a silver leaf maple tree.

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Bald Hills, Washington Spring 1998 - Commissioned by Roberta Brittingham. A suspended Pyramidal Nest- house for meditation, tea, smoke and deep, deep sleep.

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El Nido de Jova

Spring 2012 Careyes, Mexico

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Om Home

Tacoma Art Museum, 2004 - By Roderick Romero in collaboration with Brandon Zebold and Glenn Herlihy

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Petra Cliff

New Mexico - Summer 2006

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Petra Pod

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Silent Heart

Seattle ,WA

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Tangiers Treehouse

Tangiers, Morocco Spring 2005 - Tangiers Treehouse Project "Putting the Eye Back in Tangiers"

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